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From acute back pain to those managing the effects of stroke or other debilitating conditions, consistent body work is essential for pain management.  The VTouch Massage provides a proven approach to enhance mobility and freedom from pain.  10 Weekly VTouch Massages are strongly recommended to effectively achieve pain management.










From runners to body builders; athletes are committed to a process of continued physical excellence and improvement.   Athletes recognize the value and necessity of on-going recovery, particularly when training for an endurance event.  10 Weekly VTouch Massages are strongly suggested for any athlete committed to rigorous and aggressive training.










People working on losing weight, are well served by VTouch Massage.  Sore muscles often discourage the much needed exercise program.  Moving lactic acid out of the tissue quickly ensures a continuation of physical exercise needed by weight loss program participants.  10 Weekly VTouch Massages are strongly encouraged for any person committed to a new weight loss regimen.






"Only when you are 100% present can intuitive healing take place."

Vincent Monforte




Discounts are provided only to VTouch Massage Series Participants.

Single session rates will increase in 2010.

Call 954.303.7069 to lock in 2009 pricing on 4, 6 or 10 session series.


Vincent Monforte developed the VTouch Methodô... an extraordinary, intuitive, healing process.


Vincent Monforte,  LMT  MA#51626

Swedish - Therapeutic - Deep Tissue - Sports/Medical - Reiki - Myofascial Techniques - Reflexology



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